One page project presentation.
Opening screen.
Main menu.
Watch recorded jokes.
Take a photo of your face.
Choose a mouth and place it in the right position.
Watch yourself perform on a stage.
Buy new cartoons about jokes.
Choose which episode you want to watch.
Safe screen to prevent kids to buy or share in social media without an adult permission.
Share with friends.
In this case I have designed and drew all the scenes. Only the characters are for the external animator.
Jokes School Campus. The young user can visit all buildings. Each place has a different function.
Customise your character and take a photo of your face.
Add body motions.
Watch yourself performing in a stage.
Watch online Jokes School episodes.
Share with friends your success.
Read everything you want top know about each charcter.
Challange your fiends.
Buy in the Jokes Shop cartoons, apps, books and also some merchandise.
Buy the app.
Buy new episodes.
...and pay.
Buy the ebook.
Buy the book.
Buy the merchandise.
Buy a branded cup.
Buy a t-shirt.
Buy a toy.
Start to create your own show.
Customise your character.
Choose the colour of the hair.
Record yourself.
Add body motions.
Add sounds or choose where you want to perform.
Save your show.
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