The Pack - London Launch

This is a product launch of a new cycle class. The advertise campaign took over the Underground stations of: Marble Arch, Paddington, Old Street and St. Paul's. The campaign was also in the stations of Bank, High Street Kensington and Liverpool street. Concept of the product and campaign was developed by an external agency. The out-of-home advertised was designed in-house together with the Art Director.

Old Street Underground station, silver centre mock up.
Paddington Underground station, pillar mock up.
Posters designed for Marble Arch and St. Paul's Undergraound stations take over.
Liverpool Street and Hight Street Kensington Underground stations, long posting.
Digital wall poster for Bank Underground station.
Hanger developed for the Boris Bikes handles, part of the London campaign.
ThESE are the photos of the campaign inside the Underground Stations
Paddington Underground Station, take over of the entire entrance hall
Liverpool Street Underground Station, platform advert
Old Street Underground Station, Silver Centre
St. Paul's and Mayfair Underground Stations, escalator adverts.
Paddington Underground Station, Pillar.
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